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  • Consistency is key, member appointments are every four weeks on a revolving schedule.
  •  Members are subject to removal from the program after two missed visits. 
  • After two missed appointments, your account will be locked. Please reach out to reschedule your appointment to avoid any disruption to your membership.
  • If your hair appointment falls on a major holiday, an alternate date will be provided for you.
  •  Membership fees include monthly access to the salon, and quarterly treatments and trims. It does not include styling. 
  •  Monthly styling services are additional to membership fees.
  • Hair care months are January, April, July, October. 
  • If a hair care month is missed, the member will have to wait until the next quarter to receive hair care services.
  • It is important to note that additional appointments are dependent on the salon’s availability. Non- member appointments are not guaranteed and are not on a revolving schedule. 
  • Schedule Non- Member bookings through the portal.