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Is your Hair Receiving Enough Oxygen?

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Your entire body needs oxygen to function properly, and that includes your scalp. When your scalp isn’t clean or the follicles are blocked by heavy oils and products, this will clog hair pores and won’t let moisture or nutrients penetrate into the hair. Scalp buildup can cause flaking, itchiness, oily skin, dry scalp, or redness of the skin. Scalp build-up can happen immediately or over time. Since our hair is rooted in the scalp, a healthy scalp is important. 
Oxygen encourages a healthy scalp that leads to the growth of strong and healthy hair. A lack of oxygen affects hair cells and can cause premature hair thinning and hair loss. Sufficient oxygen can help your scalp and allow your hair to flourish. It is the key to healthy hair growth. Oxygen can aid in repairing the hair and keeps the scalp nourished and stimulated. This can become the optimal solution for strong hair, healthy shiny hair, and soft silky hair.

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