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Mushy Hair

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Mushy hair is a result of too much moisture. If the hair stretches far and doesn’t break, it feels mushy or gummy, your hair needs protein.  Signs of moisture overload are when your hair is overly soft and has no volume. This causes your hair to look limp, greasy, and stringy. Adequate moisture aids in defining the texture and patterns of natural hair, and it works to prevent frizziness. We also know that too much of anything isn’t good. So while moisture is needed and good for the hair, excessive moisturizing over time can lead to split ends and breakage. 
You can combat moisture overload by maintaining a balance of protein. Protein shouldn’t be excessive either or it can cause adverse effects and also damage the hair. Protein can strengthen the hair and provide an extra layer of protection that coats the hair strands. Too much protein can make the hair feel dry, coarse, stiff, and dull in appearance.
If you are concerned or unsure about the integrity of your hair, seek advice from a hair care professional. 

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