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De-tangle Brush


Our detangling brush is most popularly used on kinky hair but is suitable for all hair types. After cleansing the hair, apply conditioner and brush downward, starting from the ends to the roots.

For best results, section your hair and take your time. No pulling or excessive shedding.

Special feature: a wide handle; perfect for boy/girl dads.


Detangle Care Instructions:

For curlier hair, use the brush as is.

  • Divide hair into small sections and even smaller sections for hair that has more density.
  • Make sure the hair is not dry while detangling. Use an agape shower cap to keep moisture in, while brushing each section. Conditioners, detangle sprays, or none are optional.
  • Start from the very bottom of the hair and work your way up the hair shaft to the root.
  • Brush horizontally to smooth out, and brush vertically to get out more knotty tangles.
Weight 4.2 oz


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